This is DrivingThe thought of driving on the motorway can daunt many drivers, regardless of driving experience. Motorway driving lessons can be a sensible natural progression for many people after passing their driving test.

Motorway driving requires a much more planned and proactive driving style. These lessons aim to develop both your knowledge around the legal considerations associated with driving on the motorway, and your skills around being a safe, confident and courteous motorway driver.

The areas covered by these lessons are:

  • journey planning
  • joining and leaving a motorway, and using slip roads
  • safe speeds in different circumstances
  • effective observation
  • signs, signals and markings
  • overtaking and lane discipline
  • courtesy to other road users
  • motorway fatigue
  • breakdown procedures
  • use of lights, including hazard warning lights
  • debris on the carriageway
  • crosswinds


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