FREE LESSON when you block book

Pay LESS when you pay ahead! Simply pay for 10 lessons in advance and we will give you another lesson ABSOLUTELY FREE! This is available to all learners, and there is NO LIMIT on the number of times you can buy this offer.

First 2 hours for £38

Our great value introductory offer for all new learners with no previous driving experience. Buy this first 2 hour driving lesson for the price of just 1 standard hour, and be guaranteed to be driving the car within this first driving lesson. A great way to get you on the road for less with one of our fully qualified driving instructors!

Driving Lesson Prices


1 hour

1½ hours


Manual Driving Lessons

Learn to drive and pass your test with us on our great ‘Pay as you go’ lesson rate. Simply pay your instructor per lesson, on the day of your lesson.

Other Prices


Driving Test Car Hire
£129 (Extended)

Hire your instructor and the use of the car for your driving test plus a 1 hour lesson before your test starts.

Motorway Driving Lessons
£48 per hour

Already passed your test and ready for life in the fast lane? Dedicated driving lessons to develop motorway driving skills.

Pass Plus

Develop your driving skills after you’ve passed your test with the full 6 module Pass Plus course. Price includes 6 lesson hours and covers urban driving, driving at night, driving in adverse weather, driving on rural roads, dual carriageways and motorway driving. The price also includes Pass Plus registration with the DVSA and a certificate upon completion of the course.


Paying for your lessons

For your convenience, you can pay for your driving lessons easily by online bank transfer using your mobile banking app. Your instructor will discuss with you the details for setting this up. Alternatively, you may pay for your lessons by cash. All lessons should be paid for by the day of your lesson.

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